Tom Felton Appears At Fan Expo Denver

Last weekend at the Colorado Convention Center, pop culture fans of all ages reveled in the excitement of Fan Expo Denver! Such stars as Hayden Christensen, Henry Winkler, Bonnie Wright, and the casts of Scream and Vacation met fans, signed autographs, posed for photos and attended panels all weekend!

Normally when we attend a con, we have months to plan and Tom knows we are attending. When Tom was announced last minute for Fan Expo Denver, it was the perfect opportunity to surprise him! In life we get so few opportunities to surprise the important people in our lives, and this one couldn’t have gone any better! With the help of Kelsey from the T22penpals who distracted Tom, and filmed the interaction, it was pulled off without a hitch!

I also had an opportunity to present Tom with one of our 15th Anniversary tshirts! If you would like to get your own, they are available at the Feltbeats Redbubble shop!

Tom was gracious as always, and took time to make it a memorable experience for all who chose to meet him! He even photo bombed a couple of fan pictures with Bonnie Wright since she was set up next to him!

On Sunday we were joined at the con by another member of the Penpals, Meeshrose and her husband Cory! Tom was presented with gifts from the Penpals and asked to borrow Kelseys Ukelele for an impromptu perfomance at his upcoming panel! There may have been a little peer pressure involved from us, but it was all in good fun!

The panel itself was wonderful with fans asking multiple questions that have never been asked before! Tom closed out the panel by serenading the crowd with one of his favorite McFly songs and the crowd went wild! On a personal note, I have waited 14 years to hear him sing live, and when exiting the panel actual burst into tears I was so overwhelmed. So proud of Tom!

Tom jamming with Vivien Lyra Blair

Tom and Bonnie with Bserlori and the Penpals

What a weekend of memories. It just solidifies why we are all such a fan of this kind, generous, and talented man! If you get a chance to see him at an event near you, we highly recommend it! We also hope to meet you at an event in the near future!

We will leave you with a quote from Tom’s panel. “I’m a fan of the fandom. If we could treat everyone like we do here at a con, outside of here, the world would be a much better place.”

Till next time – Bserlori

Official Feltbeats Reviews “Beyond the Wand”

Admins Lori and Betsy recently received copies of Tom Felton’s new memoir to review from Grand Central Publishing. The book, available in Hardcover and Audio is available for preorder, and releases October 13 in the UK as well as October 18th in North America. Other countries have releases slated for November. Below we have included reviews from Lori and Betsy. Enjoy!

Beyond the Wand is an insightful look into the private parts of growing up in the public eye. Tom does a wonderful job taking readers throughout his acting journey, while never forgetting where he came from or his desire to maintain a normal life.

The majority of the book is a lighthearted glimpse of not only the roles that have shaped his career, but also the actors that have helped shape his life. We are privileged to get a taste of his moments spent with the creme de la creme of British acting royalty and the lessons he learned from them over the years.

Some stories we have heard before whether online or through his numerous convention appearances. Some are completely new. Be prepared to be bowled over with laughter as well as shocked by some of the activities Tom got up to growing up. In the end, these little moments are what makes him the man everybody loves today!

Where I am most proud of Tom is the last few chapters. He has always been a great support to those battling with mental health. To see him be so brutally honest about his own struggles is to be commended. There is no glossing over his issues he has fought here, and by being so open while discussing them it may help someone else in the same situation not feel so alone.

The Memoir Tom has created here goes far beyond Harry Potter. The love for his family, co-stars, and fans ooze out of every page. As with everything he does, what you see is what you get and that is truly magical! – Lori


“Beyond the Wand- the Magic & Mayhem of Growing Up a Wizard” is a heartfelt peek behind the curtain of the magical world of the Harry Potter films and Tom Felton’s life journey, so far.

It’s a joy to read about the relationships he made, how these relationships affected him, and how British filmmakers protect their child actors and let them be kids first. The snippets of time we get to experience with him, especially with those actors who have since passed, make those of us who only know them from their characters feel a bit more connected.

There are ‘laugh out loud’ and ‘jaw drop’ moments, but it is the laid-bare, vulnerable parts where Tom shares his struggles with mental health, loneliness, loss, and addiction that are the real story here. His rollercoaster ride of highs and lows, the people who supported and loved him through it all, and the acknowledgement that mental health is a continuous process help us better understand his celebrity and who he is, or rather- who he has evolved into. 

A broomstick ride through the memories of someone who has experienced much in his 35 years and has finally figured out what it means to be a rich man. – BG

Tom Felton To Return To BMW PGA Pro-Am

The BMW PGA Championship has announced that Tom will once again be participating in their PRO-Am event on September 7th. The event takes place at the Wentworth Club in Virginia Water, just outside of Surrey and general admission tickets can be purchased here.

Other celebrities participating include singer Niall Horan, F1 Driver Lando Norris, and TV and Radio Presenter Vernon Kay.

IFC Midnight Releases New Trailer For “Burial”

Earlier today, IFC Films released the trailer for “Burial” from their horror genre label IFC Midnight. The latest film to star Tom Felton arrives in theaters and on demand on September 2nd.

Set in the last days of WWll, “Burial” tells the fictional story of a small band of soldiers tasked with delivering the remains of Hitler back to Stalin in Russia. After the unit is attacked by Werewolves, aka German soldiers operating behind enemy lines, a female intelligence officer leads her surviving comrades in a last stand. This to ensure their cargo does not fall into the wrong hands and hide the truth forever.