Great Ormond Street Hospital’s “Teens First For Health” site interviews Tom Felton

Tom has been interviewed by the Great Ormond Street Hospital’s “Teens First For Health” Web site.

In the interview, Tom discusses health and medical issues – and he reveals that a few years ago he spent four days in the hospital after his lung collapsed!

He also shares some of his philosophies on life, such as, “Someone told me a great thing once, and I think it’s true. They said that the people with the best sense of what’s important in the world, and what is important and what’s not, are the people who have dealt with these terrible tragedies and difficulties.”

Here is an excerpt:

I spent four nights in hospital about three years ago for a collapsed lung.

I actually found out about it on a medical for the fourth Harry Potter film. They said I wasn’t fit for work and there was a large pocket of air in my lungs.

I have never been in hospital except for visiting friends and family so I was scared but it gives you insight into what life is all about.

Credit to the nurses for being light-hearted. They treated me best by having some banter. Luckily my mum and friends were there too.

I was there about four nights and in that time I made very good friends with a blind man who was next to me. He told me all his stories.

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7 thoughts on “Great Ormond Street Hospital’s “Teens First For Health” site interviews Tom Felton

  1. That’s the best interview I’ve seen of Tom so far. It’s indeed a very big experience to have to stay in the hospital and I can’t even imagine being AWAKE when a tube is being inserted into your ribcage! One sentence in that interview really related to me a lot, I can’t say which sentence but I just want to say I love this interview very very much!

  2. That was A very good,interview of Tom Felton.

    And you say that sow well,You are a True Tom Felton, Man look up to you.
    Nice of you to take time to talking to that blind mann, Many in the world do not think of the,Six people in the world, ho lie at he Hospital.

    And many do not Think much of old people,
    I think in Tom Felton, not only of the good lucks, But by the heart that lie in Tom Felton, but a true person with gretest gift to all.

    Tom Felton is a true Felton.
    Tom Felton I think,Get his kinds and sow many grerest gifts, from his mum and Dad. Tom Felton is show us that ther is som good in this world, That worth fight for.By been kind to all That are six and hear and talking with them at her Hospital.

    From Elisabeth !

  3. oh my goodness! a collapsed lung? really? wow….. i’ve been in the hospital before but not for something like that. as a side note: hospitals are so cold. ><

  4. My estimation of him just sky-rocketed. There is no measure of a truer friend than that of those that visit you in the hospital. Nothing he’s ever done before touches me more than that.

  5. My respect for him just skyrocketed! Totally unexpected. I can relate to him a bit minus the tube thing. I don’t think I could have gone through with it at a more mature age. When you’re younger, you have no clue what’s going on and to this day, I still don’t know many details. I salute him and Jamie Waylett who I also admire for their struggles.

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