Dan Radcliffe discusses filming with Tom Felton in Half-Blood Prince

In an interview with Wizard Universe, Dan Radcliffe (who plays Harry Potter in the films) spoke about working on the upcoming Harry Potter film with Tom.

In the future, when you look back at the making of the six films, what do you think might stick in your mind about the process?

RADCLIFFE: [snip] One of the sequences, on this last film, was with Tom Felton as Malfoy in the bathroom. Me and Tom have always liked each other but we actually started getting on really, really well in the last film, so that will be one of the binding memories.

Read the full interview here.

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12 thoughts on “Dan Radcliffe discusses filming with Tom Felton in Half-Blood Prince

  1. I think I hear the Draco/Harry shippers falling off their chairs simultaneously, LOL XD

    DanRad’s such a nice chap. Heart him! <3


  2. I’ve heard of the growing frienship between Dan and Tom across various past interviews (published into magazines in my country), along the releases of the past films. But I’ve never been so glad to read they actually had the ties that bind this strong.

    With Love,


  3. Yes, this was a very generous statement from Dan. The emphasis these young actors have placed on remembering the connections to others and not the overwhelming celebrity of making these movies is wonderful and maybe, unlike other child actors, will keep them sane as they continue in life.

  4. Awww! That’s so cool to know that they really do get along with one another. I mean how couldn’t they after working for so many years together and churning out FANTASTIC films. I know the two of them will do great in their careers!
    Peace and Love

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