Dozens just in! New pics of Tom Felton at Fnac

Many, many thanks to Estrella89san for keeping us on our toes today.  This lovely girl has just sent us dozens of new pics and videos of Tom from the Half-Blood Prince signing event held at Fnac in Paris on Monday.   Below are just a few of the new images and videos she has come across.  Click here for more photos.



Stay tuned tomorrow for more video’s.   

Thanks, Estrella89san!

4 thoughts on “Dozens just in! New pics of Tom Felton at Fnac

  1. Trés bien parfait.” He couldn’t get it more right than that! The pictures selection from either event has been tough, really tough. I’m currently refurbishing the content of my Nano, and some pictures are now featured on it, thanks to you all, thanks to Tom, especially…

    With Love,


    P.S:Would have loved boarding the train so bad!!

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