Video, Video, Video: Tom Felton walking in Paris

As promised, here are a few more videos from Paris of Tom, James, Oliver and Bonnie at the Harry Potter press event. Thanks to Estrella89san for the link-age! I find these four videos amusing in that they create a sequence of Tom and the gang walking at the Gare du Nord from the moment they exit the train to the second they arrive at their vehicle.  What do you think?

Here is another video from the signing at Fnac earlier in the day.  Were you the lucky person Tom said hello to?

9 thoughts on “Video, Video, Video: Tom Felton walking in Paris

  1. Crazy! Simply crazy! 😆
    Very amusing, indeed, to see my fellow compatriots trying to catch Tom’s attention 😉 . I’d have been more quieter, I guess. I’m too reserved to be this direct 😳 …

    With Love,


  2. haha! they so funny.
    Nice one Tomsgirl!
    In the 2nd one, looks like the body guard dude is tryin to hug Tom. lol 😆

  3. Poor Tom!
    Being that good looking means he’ll be constantly mobbed by fan girls!
    On day they’ll injure him i swear 😛

  4. hahahahahaha! 😀
    thanks for the vid! It’s so not good for those of us that will never get to see him in real life but in movies, and online! 😥

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