Little Tom, Big Painting: Tom Felton tweets another photo from the Louvre

Tom Felton has returned once again to the land of Twitter after a five day hiatus.  Everyone needs a break sometimes, right?  Upon his return he decided to share a couple more photos from his sojourn in Paris, specifically his trip to the Louvre. 

First up was a lovely little tweet from his Twitter account to snag our interest.

How big do you think this painting is? Size of my hand, my head, a car??? Answers asap x

The @replies were flying as people made guesses, hoping they would be right. Did they make Tom laugh as he received everything from incredibly little to amazingly big?  To relieve us of the suspense… he tweets again.

Bet you didn’t think it would be this big! And yes, that is yours truly standing in the middle! HUGE! x

Little Tom, Big Painting
Little Tom, Big Painting

He was right.  It is HUGE!  Tom is standing in front of the largest painting the Louvre has, The Wedding Feast at Cana by Veronese. It measures at a staggering 262 inches by 390 inches (666cm x 960cm) and was painted in 1563. 

Thanks for sharing Tom!

7 thoughts on “Little Tom, Big Painting: Tom Felton tweets another photo from the Louvre

  1. Yes, everyone needs a break sometimes, and I’m glad he took one. And I’m glad also he got the chance to see this painting at the Louvre, which I think is the most impressive of them all. Gosh, he looks so small in front of it!

    With Love,


  2. haha XD … thumbs up tom! (i hav good eye sight!) …

    how far away did they have to stand to get all of the painting in the photo?! :):S


  3. I can vouch for that saw it myself after Tom it is huge & very impressive a fantastic Piece of Art dont miss it if you go there. excuse the pun.

  4. XD
    hehe….the picture it’s a little small
    would be great if Tom come to mexico!!!!!!!!!..

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