Poof! Latest “Half-Blood Prince” spot with a dash of Tom Felton

The latest TV spot from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has a small dash of Tom Felton in the potions classroom. Yep, that’s it above.  I’m betting Harry just won some Felix Felicis….

8 thoughts on “Poof! Latest “Half-Blood Prince” spot with a dash of Tom Felton

  1. “poof” “poof” “poof” lmao awesome! and draco so does not look happy lol! cant wait for the movie 😀

  2. i was like omg i havent seen this one till i heard:
    Poof..Poof?..POOF! so then i realized that i saw this the other day! :mrgreen:

    Poof.. 😛

    • Lol, i did the same thing!

      It’s funny how the slytherins are all just kinda glaring instead of clapping 🙂

      Slytherin Pride <3

  3. “poof”?!?!

    The Slughorn, Hagrid and Harry scene is set to be… eventful!

    The more HBP trailers I see, the more I see they’ve kept from the book – so glad!!

    Draco looks sullen here… awww

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