Pics of Tom Felton in Leicester Square for Harry Potter tour

As some of you may remember, Tom was scheduled to attend the Harry Potter tour event in Leicester Square, London, with fellow HP actors Matt Lewis, Oliver Phelps and James Phelps. Here are a few of the photos from the tour of the men outside the mini-museum of HP props and costumes. For even more pics from today, please check out our photo gallery. We’ll let you know when more come in!

Sources: Getty Images and Snitchseeker and Zimbio

12 thoughts on “Pics of Tom Felton in Leicester Square for Harry Potter tour

  1. this looks so fun! i’m so excited for the new movie! you’re great in all of them, the entire cast is fantastic! i hope you have a great summer touring and filming!

  2. Sooo not fair, i can’t get to London this weekend and to make matters worse i’ll be in Scotland…THE OTHER END OF THE COUNTRY!!!
    Fwar Tom and the twins are the reason for global warming 😛

    • Yes, that’s what I thought as well, he’s wearing Converse! All casual and comfortable, here comes our Dear Tom! And it’s true I thought he was a bit more taller than that. But size matters not, isn’t it? Thank you all those cool pictures, you made my day!

      With Love,


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