Tom Felton Narrates Making of “Half-Blood Prince” Videogame

Released today was a five minute video narrated by Tom concerning the making of the new Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Videogame. Tom gives a lovely introduction to show us how the game was made, and even introduces us to his videogame CGI persona.

Included in the video are interviews with Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Bonnie Wright.

UPDATE: Screen caps by Lilyginny27 now available here!

Note from Misha: Thanks to Sue from The Leaky Cauldron for e-mailing us! You were right, it’s fabulous. We love it!

10 thoughts on “Tom Felton Narrates Making of “Half-Blood Prince” Videogame

  1. Tom does a great host, he really does it very well. I hope he’ll be given the opportunity to perform it again one day, there’s nobody else better to introduce you to a videogame, or be the voice off for a documentary. That would be so cool!

    With Love,


  2. haha i loved it when the video game appeared and he was like “hey that looks like me” oh man toms awesome! and sucha good host!

  3. A documentary with the voice of Tom. Omg I would watch, even if it was about the life cycle of a gnat, it would sound interesting.

  4. The endless talents of Tom: acting – check!, music – check!, tv shows – check!, next to come – presenting – umm, CHECK! lol

    Tis funny how he is trying to make it sound really exciting – the kinda voice one might use whilst explaining something to a child. lol

    Although it is very exciting. YAYS! for HP games!

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