“Get your hands off me!” New pic of Tom Felton from “Half-Blood Prince”

The Brazilian edition of the Panini sticker book is now available, and it features new page layouts and a new photo of our own Tom Felton. The new photo depicts Tom’s character Draco being led out of Slughorn’s Christmas Party by Argus Filch (David Bradley).

Click here to view the entire collection!

Thanks, Lumalfoy!

8 thoughts on ““Get your hands off me!” New pic of Tom Felton from “Half-Blood Prince”

  1. omg that makes him look so cute! i totally agree with vannah and tomsgirl.. he just looks like he is ruler over filtch which he is ruler over slytherin house! HA HA.. MR.FILTCH can’t take on that bad boy now can u? 😉 🙂 hey girlz lets help draco out on this frinzy he is in shall we? 🙂

  2. From the new layouts, it’s the second and third ones that I prefer. They really appeal to me. When I’m looking at the first one, I’m having more the sensation to be truly facing Draco’s childish and spoiled brat nature, contrasting very much with the mature image he wants to give to the others. But it’s true Tom does it very well, too well, even!

    With Love,


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