FeltCast Episode Two! The one-and-only podcast exclusively for Tom Felton fans

Welcome to FeltCast: The one-and-only Tom Felton podcast brought to you by the admins of Feltbeats.com.

In this podcast we discuss Tom’s new album “In Good Hands.” We go song by song and analyze each one! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry… you’ll mostly cringe in embarrassment at our dorkiness.

Highlights include:

  • Misha explains the “You’re like a bottomless pit” lyric.
  • Each admin discusses her favorite Tom Felton song.
  • Which do you like best? The YouTube version or the recorded version of “If you could be anywhere?”
  • Why LilyGinny27 says Tom has ripped out her heart and stomped on it. Misha seems terribly and cruelly unsupportive.

Feltbeats.com admins included in this podcast:

Fan input is encouraged as we are starting this podcast to satiate the needs of Felton Fans everywhere as well as promote Tom Felton’s image! E-mail us at feltcast@feltbeats.com with any ideas or topics you’d like us to cover.

Right click on this link to download.

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Note: LilyGinny27’s opinions on Venice are hers, and hers alone. =P

29 thoughts on “FeltCast Episode Two! The one-and-only podcast exclusively for Tom Felton fans

  1. Awesome job you guys 🙂
    My favorite songs on the “In Good Hands” album would have to be “If that’s alright with you” and “If you could be anywhere” because like you guys said, it’s more upbeat and happy. I love singing backup! Especially to “If that’s alright with you”. I always sing along with background voice! Lol, i’m glad i’m not the only one 😉

  2. Nice job! very enjoyable. I particularly liked the music in the background, so it was easy to follow what you were talking about. The volume for that was perfect, so that it was nice background, but didn’t interfere with the conversation.

    And, no, you did NOT sound like dorks. LOL.

    • omg! i had such a hard time getting those levels appropriate. But it all worked out in the end. Glad you enjoyed it!

      • It was awesome, Java. Thank you so much for editting everything. I thought the music was a great idea. It really made it sound like we were talking a alot faster than we were. Wasn’t that a two hour phone call? =D Lol

        Thank you, Java!

      • Yes Java thanks soooooo much for editing everything and making us sound much smarter than we actually are. I know it’s an almost impossible job!

        I’m sure you cringe every time I start to talk, knowing there will be so many “ummm”s and “uhhh”s to edit out. 😉

        • Actually, your umms and uhhs have the same wave shape, so editing those out has actually become quite easy! I only listen to make sure I’m not cutting something else, but I know your umms and uhhs by sight. How scary is that???

  3. If “If That’s All Right With You” isn’t about Jade than who or what? Someone fill me in; this is news to me! I have searched through TONS of Feltbeats posts about Tom’s music and I can’t find a reference!

  4. If “If That’s All Right With You” isn’t about Jade than who or what?

    In the part I of the interviews he gave to Misha for his album In Good Hands, he had actually written this song at the time he didn’t have a girlfriend. It’s thanks to Jade we are able to hear it, having listened to it peviously herself, during their trip to Hawaii.

    With Love,


    • Yes and no! =)

      Yes “If That’s All Right With You” was written prior to Jade, so it is about just wanting a girlfriend in general, no one in particular.

      But the song that Jade heard and loved in Hawaii was “If You Could Be Anywhere?” =)

      • Thanks to both of you! The song seems like he is speaking to someone but now that I listen to it I understand that it is just a little wishing, hoping for the right gal. Awesome, now I know! (And srsly, don’t know how I missed that in the interviews as I have read all parts more than once!)

      • That’s well what I thought 😉 ! My memory somewhat restored both facts at the same time, therefore explaining why I took one song for the other into my previous post 😛 !!

        With Love,


    • Only the unfinished version we posted on Feltbeats.com! The song “She” will become “We” and will be released on his next album. =)

      • who (and why) had the idea of changing that song? why can`t “she” just stay as it is and be released in its old version? i absolutely LOVE THAT version!

        • That’s so funny you said that… I recently expressed to Tom that I was terrified of “We” because I love “She” so much! I said, I hope you don’t ruin it, it’s like one of my favorite songs ever. LOL!

  5. Oh BTW I have a fun suggestion! Don’t know if it’s possible but I would love to hear a feltcast with Tom included for a bit. I know he can’t do a 2 hour giggly phone call but it would be cool to hear what he has to say about this site and how it has come so far since the beginning! Don’t know if it’s doable but, hey, I thought I’d throw it out there!

  6. It was fun to listen to this Feltcast. Usually, I get what I call, embarrassed-by-proxy, when I hear fan-gushing, but you all did not go over that line into mush-land. You are certainly cheer-leaders for Tom, in a nice way!

  7. But… I can’t get FeltCast in Canada! Crap! I was so looking forwards to listening to other people be as dorky as my friend and I about Tom!


  8. ello tom my name is lindsay and i’m 14 years old and it would be anoure to talk to you becuse i think your the awsomest actor and song writor ever! bye!!

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