“No time for love”: Tom Felton talks Draco Malfoy with the French press

In a new video interview filmed during the French Fnac signing event for the Harry Potter tour train, Tom Felton discusses the story arc of romance in “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.” He says that Draco has a lady friend, but (due to his mission from Voldemort) does not have any time for love.

Bonnie Wright, James and Oliver Phelps are also interviewed.

Source: Snitchseeker, Univers Harry Potter

20 thoughts on ““No time for love”: Tom Felton talks Draco Malfoy with the French press

  1. Sorry I am not very good in English but I did my best:

    Titlte Harry Potter and the half blood prince

    off voice: On the occasion of Harry Potter and the Hlaf Blood Prince’s release, the sixth part of Harry Potter’s adventures the most famous young wizard, here is the confessions of Weasley twins the pratical jokers, of the bad boy Draco Malfoy and the charming Ginny Weasley

    Ginny: Take my hand

    Bonnie Wright: There’s a lot of fans who read the book and they hope that what happens in the book hapens too in the movie

    Dumbeldore: In my life I saw lots of terrifying things but now I now that you’ll see worse

    Bonnie Wright: We wanted to develope the characters how JK Rowling has written it

    Mr Phelps 1 (James or Oliver): It’s great to see the characters move on in a way that people didn’t imagine

    voice: We’re living in a crazy time! Crazy!

    Oliver Phelps: Because all of their joke the were sensed become contractor open a shop and win lot of money. It’s very exciting!

    Voice: Voldemort chose Draco Malfoy for a mission

    Tom Felton: Why is Draco a problematic child? His father right. Because he was bullyed by Harry’s father

    Bonnie Wright: There is a lot of pression to realise all the fan’s dreams

    Dumbeldore: You’re the chosen one Harry

    Hermione: Be conscientious of who you are.

    Dumbeldore: Without you, the fate will decide of the world destiny.

    Bonnie Wright: The threat of Voldemort became very scary. When the first movie released, the fans were 11 and now they are like 20, they are waiting for somthing more adult, but we can’t forget that there is child watch the movie too. In this one there is a lot of dark side but lot of humor too

    Ron: Those girls will kill me Harry!

    TomFelton: Draco is too busy to think about ladies. he has a lady friend in this movie , but is really too busy. She implores him « Oh Draco!? » but him doesn’t care

    Snape: It’s over

    off voice: Not yet because Hogwart’s heroes will admit their favorite spell. Spero Patronum

    James Phelps: I’would like to use Harry’s invisibility cape, it would be very helpful times to time

    Bonnie Wright: I think I won’t chose a spell but either a skill, to appear and disappear just snap my finger and go in another place

    Tom Felton: Let’s go!

    Oliver Phelps: I would like to use Hermione’s Time Turner, that would be really great!

    Tom Felton: the Broomstick! That would be great! Imagine me flying on a broom to England. That could change a lot our world!

    Harry: Fight back, you’re a coward! Fight back!

    Off voice: Will Harry triumph over the awful Voldemort? Not yet dear muggle. See you in cinemas!

  2. So far as I know, Draco’s lady friend during his school years was Pansy Parkinson, the very same who’s weeping, heart broken, at the end of book six. Did I get everything all right?

    With Love,


    • yeah, Draco is with Pansy, sort of i think but in the end he marries Astoria Greengrass instead. Daphne Greengrasses little sister. 🙂

      • who the f*** is astoria greengrass? is that name written in the books? becouse i red them, but i cant remember anyone called astoria greengrass…
        i was convinced, that pansy was the one he married in the end…

        • Daphne Greengrass’s little sister, as libs said above. Altough her name isn’t mentioned into the book, is it given on Wikipedia. And no, Pansy wasn’t to be the one, after all…

          With Love,


        • It mentions astoria greengrass at the bit at the end of deathly hallows. You know the 19 years later bit. Harry, Ron and Hermione see Draco at the train station and it says he’s with astoria…..


  3. (already, sorry for my english, i am french)

    I don’t know if it me or not, but i am to perturb for the phrase of Tom : “Why is Draco a problematic child? His father right. Because he was bullyed by Harry’s father?”
    Lucius is older than James or Severus….. He wasn’t bully by james at Hogwarts ❓

    Your comment, Tom, on father’s of Draco and Harry, let me hear as you let that Severus is your “true father”. As it was him than Jamed and Co has bully. It’s quite disturbing, although pleasant to think. 😉

    • Hello everybody…

      I’ve got the same problem with this sentence (maybe it’s also me), and the french translation doesn’t help anymore. Does someone have an explanation (maybe it’s just a vocabulary problem)

      Bonne journée (have a good day)

  4. I’m sorry if nobody understands. I had problems with this sentence but I checked and James and Lucius were in Hogwart together (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows chapter 33 in the french edition page 718) and they were ennemies in Voldemort time.
    But I’m not sure of my translation… But that’s what Tom says. What do you think of it Choupy and Axelanderya in French that’s “tyraniser” or “brimer”? Other translation?

  5. I’m so sorry! The real sentence is ” Why is Draco a problematic child? His father right. Because he was bullyed by his father in his childhood.”

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