Another Kai Z. Feng photo posted on Flickr

Kai Z. Feng has also posted another shot of Tom Felton’s photo shoot on his Flickr.

Thanks to Zoe for the tip!

Also, a color version of another photo we posted earlier today has been released:

32 thoughts on “Another Kai Z. Feng photo posted on Flickr

  1. …wow.
    i’m loving this photo shoot. he looks sooo hot…

    though, i must admit, when i got here and saw the top pic, i cracked up laughing for some reason.

  2. Do you think I can talk the husband into letting me hang one of these pics in poster-size on our wall? hmmmmm… worth a shot?!

  3. I’m sure if I would touch the pic on the screen, I would burn my fingers Hehe ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And the sunglasses are really funny in the first few seconds.
    Think it’s the shape of them plus we’re not used to see a Tom with sunglasses. =)

  4. too much sexyness for my eyes haha the thing is, i dont want to look away!! damn tom’s so mother fucking HOT!!! :mrgreen:

    AAaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh HE LUKS SO HOT…!!!! SEXYNESS! The first pic i was like OMG Sweet sunglasses, and it was a bit weird, but then again …..overall HE LUKS INCREDIBLY HOT..!!!!

    • THE FIRST THING SAID IT ALL! Lol! Love Kai Z. Feng’s work on Tom! Tom is dripping, no! Oozing with sexiness! If I imagine a surfer comin out of the water, TOM IS SOO THE ONE!

  6. there’s this funny thing on wayfarer’s; no matter who’s wearing ’em, she or he looks always gogogogogorgeous !

    and LOL @ย boxers ๐Ÿ˜€ so cute

  7. OW OW! He is seriously drop dead gorgeous, sexy, smoking hot. It’s amazing he looks so good all the time. The second one NEEDS to be in poster form. That would SO be on my wall. actually, i would hang both of them cuz he’s so dang sexy.

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