Tom Felton as Draco: 1 Out of 6 Ways HBP Will Be Awesome.

Melissa Anelli of Leaky Cauldron fame has written an article on fan hopes concerning the upcoming Half-Blood Prince release for She discusses Tom’s portrayal of Draco, his humanity, and how nice it will be to see him bringing out the complexity of the character.

VI: Draco Malfoy’s humanity:

Draco has a great role in this film and it’s going to be fun watching Tom Felton rise from starring background player to main actor. Draco turns from one-dimensional childish bully to one of the more complex and interesting characters in the series: he wants to become a Death Eater, and seems to have even been imprinted with the mark on his left forearm. He works all year on a plan to let Death Eaters into the school and kill Dumbledore. He is successful on one part but has a lot of trouble with the second: he is found crying in a bathroom thinking about making good on that task. And when he gets the chance to try it – when he is given the very rare opportunity to do what so many wizards before him, including Grindelwald and Voldemort, could not – his hand falters, his humanity shows.

This play between Draco as uber-evil-Death-Eater and conflicted-boy-who’s-gotten-in-wayyyyy-over-his-head leads to one of the best Dumbledore exchanges in all seven books: The old headmaster, weakened, disarmed and dying, hears Draco insist that he’s at his mercy and says:

“No, Draco. It is my mercy, and not yours, that matters now.”

If the conversation on that tower does not reach this caliber of awesome – revealing the astounding brilliance and yet kindness and mercy of Dumbledore, at the same time as Draco shows himself to be complicated, vulnerable, caught in a terrible place – the movie will suffer dearly.

If author JK Rowling’s reaction to Tom’s performance means anything, I don’t think HP fans have anything to worry about.

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