Tom Felton posts new Kai Z. Feng photo on Twitter

This morning Tom Felton posted another new photo from the Kai Z. Feng photo shoot on his Twitter account. More will be coming soon!

15 thoughts on “Tom Felton posts new Kai Z. Feng photo on Twitter

  1. OMG .. he looks totally different. Handsome still, but very different. In a positive way though. Would love to see morepictures of that shooting.

  2. Can’t believe how often he makes me speechless. 😀
    I just look at such pics of him and start to stare at it with an open mouth lol
    Have to remind myself to close it again and continue breathing after a few seconds 😉

    Looks different than usual, but amazing and more like himself I think.

    Oh and it’s a good background btw 😛

  3. Here, I’m truly speechless. For when I’m looking at that photo, I’m getting reminded of a commercial spot ( for a perfume, mostly) for G. Armani. It’s exactly that! It does it in B & W, it really does.

    With Love,


  4. he looks soooo fit its unbelievable how different he looks but in a good way i cnt wait for the next harry potter film not long now yayxxx

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