Tom Felton & Dan Radcliffe “have come far” according to Motion[Captured]


Another glowing review of Tom in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has just been released. This time it’s from Motion[Captured].

According to their website:

Tom Felton’s had a tough path in the series, playing Draco Malfoy, who started as a sort of stock creep, a baby-faced Jimmy Stewart with a haughty sneer. At this point, though, Malfoy’s grown up twisted, and he embraces a terrible assignment here, convinced he’s finally found a way to prove himself to be a better magician than Harry Potter, and possibly even better than his own father. Felton reveals real layers to Malfoy’s malice, though, and he and Radcliffe share a number of scenes that illuminate how far they’ve come as performers. In a strange way, these films have become the giant blockbuster equivalent of Michael Apted’s “7 Up” series in England, a chance to watch a wide range of English schoolkids move from childhood to adulthood as we watch, checking in every so often to see how much they’ve changed as well as how much they’ve stayed the same.

Source: Motion[Captured]

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