Sectumsemptra: Watch Tom Felton & Dan Radcliffe on Video

Video of Tom and Dan’s pivotal bathroom sequence from the Half-Blood Prince is now online. Watch the majority of this fateful moment as their characters fight it out.

It may be in Italian, but don’t worry, it’s mostly grunts and groans.

Then it’s silence.

16 thoughts on “Sectumsemptra: Watch Tom Felton & Dan Radcliffe on Video

  1. I have to OMG as well! This is going to be great, somehow I imagined Draco simply swaying back and forth in sadness, the sobbing was a surprise to me and I love it!!

  2. Waouh ! It’s perfect ! ( I’m French, sorry for my mistakes ) but this scene is absoluty perfect. Impressive !

  3. omfg! that was amazing! hopefully we can get a translation or Captions to see whatthe first lines are lol.. but i loved it! so intense!

  4. Moaning Myrtle was supposed to be there, and Draco was supposed to start to use the Crutiatus Curse. That’s why Harry used Sectumsempra. Now it just makes Harry look bad, and we miss Ginny’s line “It sounds like Malfoy was trying to use an unforgivable curse, so you should be glad Harry had something up his sleeve.”

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