6 thoughts on “Walking the Red Carpet: Tom Felton

  1. Insanity and rain, lots of rain. TF looks great and so very attentive to Jade and mom even in the midst of the insanity. I say give him a role that makes him shine and he will make more girls scream and faint than the vampire. LOL

      • Im British and i say Mom 😀

        Tom looks hot as always, and Jade does look real nice to. Can’t wait for all the photographs in the magazines & papers tomorrow x

        • haha, that’s fine, i don’t care either way. i’m neither british nor american and it depends on who i’m talking to… 😉

          i just found it a bit rude to post something like that…

          and yes, they doooo. xD
          i can’t wait! is it next week already? 😉

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