Wrap up: Tom Felton discusses “getting his wand out” during iTunes Festival interview

Note: To Tom’s mum Sharon, who I’m told sometimes visits our site, I apologize very much for the headline of this article and much of the content. I’m just quoting him – it’s my job! 🙂

As part of Feltbeats.com‘s ongoing effort to chronicle events that took place while we were in “live blog” mode, here is a quick post about Tom’s interview during the iTunes Festival.

It was a very cute interview, covering whether or not Tom wants to “get his wand out” on stage, whether Tom would consider doing any live gigs in the future, and who would win a fight between himself and Dan Radcliffe, if both were stuck in an ally and striped to the waist!

You can watch the video here:

A better quality, shorter version is available here:

4 thoughts on “Wrap up: Tom Felton discusses “getting his wand out” during iTunes Festival interview

  1. he reminded me of POA’s draco with his hair like that :p

    haha he could take on dan any day i’m sure
    he’s so cute!

  2. “Who would win in a fight out of you and Daniel Radcliffe?”

    “You’re stripped to the waist, like men should be. You’re in an alley way. Only one person is going to walk out of that alley way? Whose it going to be, Tom? You or Daniel?”

    I must say, while that’s… an interesting way to ask a question. And an interesting question! Dreadful, really; still, its fun nonetheless. I’m glad to hear that Tom could take Dan should the need arise. LOL I quite like that interviewer, he’s quite funny.

    Oh, and greetings and kind pleasantries to Tom’s mother.

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