Harry Potter Producer asked about Tom Felton’s girlfriend Jade playing Astoria: “We’ll keep that in mind”

Earlier this week, David Heyman was interviewed by various press at the Apple Store in Santa Monica. Laura from Snitchseeker.com asked David about the prospects of Jade playing Astoria in the epilogue (thanks Snitchseeker!).

(Transcript from Snitchseeker)

SnitchSeeker.com: Tom Felton mentioned his girlfriend Jade might play his wife in the epilogue. Did you cast her or the children of the trio yet?

David Heyman: I have no idea, no. Unfortunately we haven’t yet cast that section. He may WANT to cast his girlfriend.

SnitchSeeker: Yes.

Heyman: He does?

SnitchSeeker: He REALLY does.

Heyman: Okay, good. Well, I’ll keep that in mind … Nobody’s been cast yet for that part.

Here is the audio of that interview. The question about Jade starts at about 1:50.

I’d like to thank whomever asked that question! If it was you, please let us know in the comments.

Feltbeats.com is a big supporter of this idea! They could make Jade look however they wanted, plus it would be a very romantic sub-story to the filming process!

Thanks to MissRjRj for pointing out the interview to us!

74 thoughts on “Harry Potter Producer asked about Tom Felton’s girlfriend Jade playing Astoria: “We’ll keep that in mind”

  1. Tom break up with Jade and go with Emma Watson because she is more beautiful, younger and more inteligent. Don´t you realize that Emma is in love with you and you too?

  2. Draco is blind because he can’t see that there’s a girl that better for him than this creep mudblood. But you know, for sure… i hate Jade Olivia Gordon.

  3. All these “break up with Jade” comments give me just a little less faith in the world 😐
    Whilst I agree that she’s not right for the role of Astoria, seriously guys, leave it. She obviously makes Tom happy. That’s all that matters really.

    • i agree some people are jelous i mean shut ur mouths ppl he cant date every grl in the world if they dont work well thats fine dont presure them.. you never know maybe they are soal mates so cry me a river build a bridge and get over it i you have a problem well then tell me cuz ill tell you the same thng…..(ment for all the haters out there)

  4. Have they actually broken up now? Because there was a link on google that says they have but im not sure if its true.

    Also on Tom’s twitter page it says: They devil wears Primark… not prada. Just so you know!x” WHAT DOES HE MEAN BY THAT?

  5. I’m not sure if Jade is right for the role of Astoria, because i always pictured her as a tall blonde with the same sort of complexion as Draco – almost as if they could be siblings but only in the looks department. I can’t remember how JKR described the Greengrass sisters, but has Jade even got acting experience? I know all she has to do is stand there and look snotty, but it couldn’t hurt to cast a well known actress for the part, just to sort of stun people instead of oneo f Tom’s friends – it’s like he’s saying ‘if you’re famous you can totally convince producers to put your mates in films’. I do think Jade is quite attractive, but she’s not Astoria Greengrass.

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