Tom Felton: New teen idol?

The Riverside Press Enterprise has written a great new article talking about Tom’s rock star reception in New York and New Jersey.

So when did Draco Malfoy become a Jonas Brother?

Draco Malfoy may not be much of a wizard, but he has enough power to make girls from Paramus, N.J., scream as if they’d just seen Robert Pattinson.

Actor Tom Felton plays Draco in all six “Harry Potter” movies, an evil but somewhat inept nemesis to the title character. Felton, 21, is an English actor whose non-Draco credits include playing Jodie Foster’s son in “Anna and the King.”

Up until now, he’s been on the Hogwarts D-list, but with “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” he is getting the teen idol treatment.

Hence his weekend appearance at the Garden State Plaza to promote a line of Harry Potter products in Hot Topic clothing stores.

22 thoughts on “Tom Felton: New teen idol?

  1. I’ve been a fan since I was a kid and I saw him in Borrowers. What took all those people so long? Jeez, way to be slow on the uptake, NJ. Seriously, though, TOM FELTON ALL THE WAY!!!

  2. Tom Felton is a great actor, I just wish I could have gone to see him. I only recently learned he also played Peagreen my favorite character from The Borrowers. It’s really kind of odd, but I think it means that he’s just that good.

  3. i hate to say this but yeah he was like in the D list..and i hated it..i always thaught draco was down played abit..but now with HP6 out..not any more..its takes alot of courage to play the perfect Git(as they say in england)…any 1 can be the good guy…

  4. I admit that I didn’t like Harry Potter at first. But when the 3rd movie was coming out one of my friends talked me into reading the books and watching the movies and I loved it. Needless to say Malfoy was my favorite and Im glad too see all Tom Felton be appreciated for his great acting and he deserves this group of fans.


  5. my best freind loved tom/draco from the begining not just with the recentness of HBP she scares me somtimes with it =/. Tom is awsome thats all i can say o and he sings like a 5th beatle and when he crys on scream you just have to cry/bawl your eyes out.

  6. Tom is sooooo much cuter than Robert Pattinson! (And he is NOT a Jonas Brother, he’s too cool for that)

    Sigh, I wish I was in that crowd in the picture. If only I lived in America… or better yet in the UK (so I could come to his rumored concert!)

    Love from FeltonFan

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  8. He should be a teen idol! I am in LOVE with him! He is an amazing actor, model, singer, guitarist, vocalist, harmonica-ist, twitterm and a lot of other things! :D:D:D:D:D LUV YOU!

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