Tom Felton’s new horror movie, “13 Hours,” releases larger version of movie poster

Thanks to director Jonathan Glendening, we now have a larger version of the “13 Hours” movie poster available.

As you may recall from our previous coverage, Tom will play a character named Gary, who is the best friend of the main character’s brother. This horror movie has already been filmed and will screen for distributors in a few months. At that time we will have more information about distribution.

17 thoughts on “Tom Felton’s new horror movie, “13 Hours,” releases larger version of movie poster

  1. As long as there is a release in the U.S. I will be happy. I want to see Tom parading around in that dorky hat. LOL I have this thing about ugly hats – I absolutely love them when attractive people where them. It makes me giggle.

    Ah, it’s exactly like my daddy’s favorite hat. Hehehe! Anyway, this movie MUST be released in the US so my buddy Kaitlin and I can add it to our Tom Felton movie day.

  2. We’re not sure about the distribution yet… It will be shopped to distributors and then they will need to make a decision! The more we get the word out and let the distributors know there is interest – the better!

  3. okay yeah i don’t recognise ANY of the people in that picture except for tom felton.
    i don’t watch many horror movies but i do want to see this one

  4. He will probably be the third last to die? Cause (basing on predictable plots) the main character will die last (or not at all), main character’s best friend or family second last, and MC’s best friend or family’s best friend 3rd last. Just guessing.

  5. Hope it comes out in Canada, eh? (Hehe.) Nice hat, Tom!

    Can’t wait to see the movie, and I hope it’s not dumb like most other horrors. (Surely Tom will have the decency to act in only GOOD films, right?)

    Wishes for a sucessful film to Tom and the cast of 13hrs.

    Love from FeltonFan (Ontario, Canada!)

  6. I’m confused – is it definite that this movie is going to be released at all, or has that yet to be decided?

    Hope it is. And since so many people have asked when it will be released in the US – can I pitch in for all fellow British fans and ask when it’ll be released in the UK?


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