Tom Felton arrives in Japan

Earlier today (or yesterday, depending on where you are on the Earth ;)) Tom Felton and his girlfriend Jade arrived in Japan and were met at the airport by more than 100 fans! According to Our Dearest Tom, Tom tried to sign autographs but was not allowed by his handlers.

18 thoughts on “Tom Felton arrives in Japan

  1. Woh, their matching shoes are awesome! 😯

    I wonder why he wasn’t allowed to sign autographs.
    Sure his fans had been waiting to get it.

    • I wonder why he wasn’t allowed to sign autographs.
      Sure his fans had been waiting to get it.

      I’m in fact wondering the same thing. Matter of safety, certainly. And have you seen? He’s taken his guitar with him! That’s what he’s carrying onto his back. Jade looks actually cool, I like her very much dressed up like that.

      With Love,


  2. Only Tom at the premiere? Where are the others? 🙁
    Jade went weird in the 7. pic…I recognize it at the london premiere too.. :D:D:D:D:D

  3. He looks more like a rock star, with his guitar on his
    Did they do the matchin shoes on purpose or did they leave the house then go – Woa!we’re wearin the same shoes! lol
    They are so sweet i think my teeth are startin to ache from it all. 😛

  4. Did Tom cut his hair? His hair looks…flat.

    Aww those matching shoes. They’re really soulmates, aren’t they. Such a cute couple.

  5. wow i didn’t notice their matching shoes!!
    how sweet!
    tom looked great and so did jade.
    thank you so much for using my photos by the way:)

  6. I’m really starting to truely like Jade!
    Look how she isen’t all over him like some other girl who just likes the attention, but sincerely still seems like she is having a great time.
    I think Tom is extremely lucky to have a girlfriend like her, who is able to handle this as well as she does 🙂

  7. I heart the matching shoes. And I’m starting to not like handlers? A few Autographs wouldn’t have killed him. =)

  8. I think Tom is amazing i’m a big fan and i think everyone who’s seen him in a film,picture or even really life would agree.
    All the girls fancy him and all the boys look up to him and think he’s cool
    He was best in harry potter and the half blood prince and everyone i talked to agrees with me by the way i’m cookydoughice on Twitter
    your great tom 😀

  9. Hope you got to sleep cookydoughice tell me if you want me to stop talking to you if you find me annoing.:>

  10. Japanese fangirls are LUCKY!
    I wonder if he will come sometime to Mexico?

    Just wondering 😉

    Thumbs up for Tom.

  11. YEEEES!!!!! feltbeats is working tom looks so cool with his guitar he always looks cool! love that jade and tom have matching shoes :mrgreen:

  12. I still dun like Jade, I dun know why. Because she looks pretty cold toward tom.
    Hello everyone, i’m newbie here.. Sorry for my broken english, i’m Indonesian.

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