Tom Felton’s Fashion Throughout The Ages

Tom Felton’s suits throughout the years was highlighted by New OK Mexico Magazine. They highlight the years 2001, 2003, 2004, 2007, and 2009. Although I do know Spanish enough to kind of understand what’s written, I’m not going to pretend that my translation of the captions will be prefect and incapable-of-being-made-fun-of; although I will tell you that the title says “The Experimental Fashions of the Bad Boy of Harry Potter.” Nonetheless, I am going to say this: What the Dark Mark is up with 2003, mate!?

Also note: All opinions about 2003 are entierly Tick-Tock’s own [and, apparently from what she can decipher of the tone, the magazine agrees with her]. None of the other administrators have admitted to such feelings. Thank you.


Firstly, that’s not a SKIRT, it’s his jacket. We have lots of pictures of this event, and you can clearly see he’s wearing pants and holding his jacket because he was hot. Not that I have anything against dudes who wear skirts, I’m just saying, Tom wasn’t one of them!

Here is a translation sent in from Meredith (thanks to Maria, Yessy, Debora, Cintia, Florencia, and Ana who also sent in translations!)

Title: The fashion experiments of Harry Potter’s bad boy.

2001: Elegant, but the tie is too big for little Tom, or maybe no one taught him how to wash the shirt.

2003: What is that? The actor that plays Draco Malfoy arrived with outlandish clothes and a half-apron skirt.

2004: We approve. The poster of tranquill men, Tom has his hands in his pockets, and while I don’t think it’s spectacular, it’s a polished outfit.

2007: Dismal combination. Even though David Beckham does it, wearing tennis shoes with a suit is not appropriate.

Now: Very flattering. But you can tell he didn’t have to time to iron his suit.

Thanks to HarryPotterLA for the scan.

32 thoughts on “Tom Felton’s Fashion Throughout The Ages

  1. coolness! but in my personal opinion i think Tom looks good in just about everything he wears. ^^ yep, uh-huh, that’s right.

  2. 2003 if you look closely you can see he is just carrying his suit jacket(: I did the same thing when I first looked at it I thought he was wearing his hogwarts robes lol.

  3. I can understand but I don’t know if I can translate it to English (just to portuguese, u know…). I’ll try it, and if I can I’ll send you the mail. (I really think he doesn’t wear very well, but the magazine could have been quiet- and he’s perfect, anyway).

  4. I just have sent you the translation! I must say that they haven’t been very good with him 🙁 and in 2003 It is the jacket what he was holding! and they’ve said he was wearing something half skirt, half apron

  5. Agreed with Littleroo… just looks like he’s holding a jacket… now if you mean the all black look, that’s not so bad…

  6. I sent an email with a translation. Finally, all of those years of Spanish paid off for something. Hope it helps.

  7. I kinda don’t like that translation…it’s I
    don’t know…weird…I think there are
    some messed up/missing words&sentences…it’s seems kinda google-translated to mee…but well..just sayin’ =]

  8. how translates this, it sucks,that thing about washing his shirt is wrong, it says that nobody told him how to tuck his shit in , and the chicharon thing i think it means that he si realy hot now,
    i say theis because im from chile sooo i know spanish

    soo that sorry if my english ortografy is crapy xD take care

    I love his look in 2004 and onwards… 2001 is ADORABLE!
    he is just so lovely! awww! <3
    2003 is… nice, but the jacket looks a bit looong! LOL
    xxx <3 ADORABLE!

  10. no, the shirt was wrap not wash and thecharron part means that his suit was all wrinkled. Por lo menos aca en Argentina eso quiere decir que está todo arrugado.

  11. In 2003 he looks so sweet..this was at the disney show with Emma Watson 😀 They were so cute together at this time *-*

  12. Hahahaha it’s funny how you girls mix things… I’m mexican so I could make a much more decent translation, and yeah the chicharr’on thing means it’s wrinkled, BTW I agree with the girl that says it’s been translated by google or something like that…

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