Tom Felton attends baseball game in Japan

Tom posted this picture to his Twitpic account.

Earlier today Tom Felton attended the Yomiuri Giants vs. Hanshin Tigers baseball game at the Koshien Stadium in Japan, just after his stage appearance at Namba Parks Cinema.

Tom says, “Harii Potta Mitene” which means, “Check out the latest Harry Potter film!” and “Go Tigers!” because the Tigers were the home team.

And, due to Tom’s exuberance and good wishes, the Tigers did indeed best the Giants, seven to four!

Thanks to our friends at Our Dearest Tom for recording the video and translating what Tom said. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Tom Felton attends baseball game in Japan

  1. Japan??? My favorite country *tear* wish I was there
    love how he picked up Japanese sayings lol
    kare wa ii no shou (I probably said that wrong, but tried my best) I hope to see more of him 😀

  2. Tom. He was like Harry Potter mietennete bet i spelled that wrong and then Go Tigers. He must have gotton shy because he just waved. But he has the most adorablist smile. wISH HE WOULD COME TO NEW JERSEY AND VISIT ME AT MY HOUSE

  3. Lucky you! For I’m exactly missing to my list to assist to a baseball game back in Japan, for so far, the sole ones I saw were on TV, into documentaries. But without contest, you brought luck to the home team, Tom!Ii desu ne!

    With Love,


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