Tom Felton on Kansai TV in Japan


Another video has popped up of Tom in Japan, this time from his appearance on Kansai TV. Enterprising YouTuber Wowpanimoi taped the program where Tom discusses Draco, the Half-Blood Prince, and his wish to return to Japan with the show’s hosts via an interpretor.

Thanks, Estrella89san for the link!

23 thoughts on “Tom Felton on Kansai TV in Japan

  1. omg he’s way too hot !
    he’s awesome! he has it all!
    &besides he’s very VERY talented !
    i’ll love to meet him !
    but i live in Mexico … guess he will never come 🙁

    • Dont let your self down 🙂
      I always believed in myself, i will meet him or see him one day !! And guess what, when he came to Canada, he went to Mtv, and i was dere watching him live, but none of got to meet him, it broke my heart, i came from a 50 min drive, its always been my dream to meet him for 5 half years !! Just thinking i was so close to meet him and he was right dere infront of me and i didnt even get an autograph but u know what ? why i m so happy still coz i got to c him live, like he was infront of me 🙂 and one day u will to meet him or c him, for sure 😀 100% GUARANTEED !! I will be going to Europe and U.K after i m done my first or 2nd year of college and when i have enough money, and i will try to meet him 🙂 AND he is for sure the best person, most humble, amazing smile such a sweetheart 🙂 just an incredible guy to c and talk to 🙂 Jade’s a lucky girl 🙂

      • Simlar situation for me met Tom at premiere never got autograph but got picture with him after 2 close encounters. Happy Memories though lol!

  2. Aaaahhhh TOM !! 😀 THANK YOU So much for posting this up, but i wish it was more clear 🙁
    But still thank you !!
    He luks Gorgeous, i love all his shirts, and OMG HIS SMILE IS AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKES ME SO HAPPY 🙂

  3. haha aw he’s just lookign around smiling because he’s not understanding what the people are talkign around him 😀

  4. Just charming. He is managing these press things perfectly and that is what will get him places in the future, not being knowing as a “whiny, demanding kid star” but as a charming and pleasant gentleman.

  5. He’s really too perfect *-* || Uh, I think u have more chances than I do… I live in Brazil, and believe, people never come here and it’s too far for me to go there hehe (I’ve gone once to Europe but I haven’t met him -.- ) … but I’m still waiting for the day he’ll come *-*

    • Yes it does!!! Do you live in Finland too? It seems that nobody wants to come here, maybe because many people haven’t even heard about Finland. But luckly even James and Oliver came here and they said they had fun!

  6. ahh,why cant more peaple look and act like him ='[ too bad i live in west virginia where peaple in other states ask you if you where shoes?!!!?!?!?!?

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