27 thoughts on “Tom Felton Twitpics New Photo by Kai Z. Feng

  1. edible..yummy,tasty,juicy and that look in his eyes ..who was he thinking of at the time of his shoot…GOD..i am going to hell for all the naughty thaughts im having

  2. Omg!!! he is so freakin adorible!! just the cutest think eva that is a very hott pic and the darker hair perfect! i love him with blonde hair to though…ugh i cant deciede on wich tom is sexier blonde tom or dark brown hair tom but from the pics that he is put in out Deffo dark hair tom!!! ^.^ Lov him!!

  3. holy shit, it’s just so beautiful, i love the pose, this is better than when my friend & i ogled at the daniel radcliffe picture :P, now i’m back to my harry potter love 😀
    i love evrything about the photo
    the hair is sooo beautiful reminds me of them old glam hollywood ‘sex kitten’ stars
    the pose i’ve never see a guy pull off this sort of pose in the way tom has, he has made it so sexy
    & the revealing of a little skin, it’s just so subtle, sexy yet it’s like a bit of teasing as it gives suspense in order to make people think he’s gonna take the top off, the face it’s just so angelic 😀 but yet so saucy like it’s saying ‘i know you want it :D’
    now jaw just cannot drop as further as it has & now i think i’m gonna get electrocuted because my mouth is watering like waterfalls & it;s going on my laptop

  4. Lame! All his shots look the same! And saying as how the black and whites makes HIS skin look old. Seriously I have got experience with photography.

    And the hair is horrible.

  5. What is up with him crossing his arms all the time, is that 3 now, but nvm, it is a great shot, and his eyes look brilliant in this shot, and as i said in the reply i made to him when he posted it “it is sexy and lusty without being too much” so mad props to the Kai for being a great artist, and to Tom for, well i guess standing pretty, LOL.

  6. Guys can we cool it on the swearing, i mean i swear when i talk, but to take time to type out swear words is just childish, choose an adjective, they work wonders.

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