Tom Felton pinches himself to prove that yes, it’s another Kai Z. Feng photo.

My Twitter alerts woke me up today with this from Tom’s Twitter:

Having a break with the voice coach..1 more hour to go…Used to love break time when I was at school! Been sent another Kai pic just now… – and another shot….

If you like the photos let @kaizfeng know! I think we should shoot some more…

Don’t forget everyone, go send KaiZFeng some love for this awesome pic. Tell him Tom Felton and sent you, and don’t forget to say you think they should shoot some more, too! Thanks for sharing, Tom! ๐Ÿ™‚

25 thoughts on “Tom Felton pinches himself to prove that yes, it’s another Kai Z. Feng photo.

  1. A chinese photogragher!I love him very much~ He had ever lived in a place when he was child where now I’m living!I’m really excited.THX him very very much~We have the same homeland!

  2. When I saw this pic around two hours earlier, I got instantly thinking of a young kitten coming to the table asking for its milk bowl, just by gazing into Tom’s eyes onto this shoot. That’s what’s leaving me speechless. He’s got definitely something feline dwelling in him, and this photographer has known how to capture it so well. I’d love for them both to do more shoots together. Absolutely.

    With Love,


  3. Out of all the things to notice in this photo (his hair, the pinching, and the fact that he’s shirtless) his eyes are what keeps drawing me in. Amazing lighting as well.

  4. ?? Does anyone know why the photoshoot took place? Did the photographer take a liking to Tom? Did Tom commission the shoot? Did a magazine commission the shoot?

    I wonder if Jade helped convince him to revamp his image or if it was his agent or himself. His new attention to fashion and style and hair has really been paying off.

    • Tom himself asked Kai Z. Feng for a photoshoot. Kai Z. Feng definitely liked working with Tom! Tom commissioned the shoot himself! Hmm… that should cover the questions! Though, I mayyy be wrong about the answers, but Misha and the other admins would definitely know. You can also find out more about his photo opps and more from his Twitter page!

    • None. Just go under settings/devices, add your cell phone number, and follow directions to make sure it’s working. Then go to the profile page of anyone you want to receive an alert on and under their user pic you will see an option to turn Device on or off. Choose on. You will then get a text message for every update to that person’s twitter that is to them or anyone else you follow. You will also receive all direct messages to yourself from your friends.

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