23 thoughts on “Another Kai Z. Feng pic via Tom Felton’s Twitter

  1. well every girl here says that you’re so hot and so on and always repeat the same things. bu hey they are right. i think you are a great actor. a very great actor and i fell in love with little draco when i was 11. 😀 (i’m 16 now).
    great picture tom!

  2. dies for like 80th time this month it just gets better and better i can never get tired of going on this website almost everyday and learn more on how tom is just so almost perfect (he’s pretty close though :D) and everytime i type feltbeats.com i can;t help but love Tom Felton more and more each day! 🙂

  3. Here’s a shoot I’ve been looking forward seeing one day, and I got exauced! As I was saying in my comment into the gallery, he’s so casual, so himself…I like him like that and not otherwise…Being at ease, that is.Just being TOM.*wink*

    With Love,


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