22 thoughts on “Press photos of Tom Felton and Evanna Lynch in Greece

  1. I love the look Evanna is giving Tom in the first pic – kinda like she’s thinking “how did I end up here with this lovely looking guy?”
    They both look really happy though, and quite friendly, even though they don’t really spend any real screen time together.

    • I don’t know, but when I first saw it all I could think of is when you see someone in the distance and you pinch your fingers around their head to squish them like a bug (since their head is so small being far away and all).

      But it was probably just a hand gesture. 😉

  2. like i said before..it just gets better and better!! xD i can never get tired of going on this website almost everyday and learn more on how tom is just so almost perfect (he’s pretty close though :D) and everytime i type feltbeats.com i can’t help but love Tom Felton more and more each day! and HP of course!

  3. Evanna looks pretty.. Tom has always been surrounded by beautiful girls and women both on and off screen, YET he remains faithful to his gf.. Just one more reason for me to adore this Mr.Perfect ^^

    • Yes, I’ve taken note of that, as well that he knows how to remain a gentleman with others ladies on and off screen. I can rely somehow to his faithfulness to Jade, for I’m also very faithful to my choices, let them be friends, relatives and heart’s matters ones alike. I stick to them, for right or wrong.

      With Love,


  4. His eyes are SO blue! And his hair is still blindingly blond. Love the pictures! Tom still looks fab! Can’t wait to hear more from this website, it’s been great seeing new pics of Tom everyday.

  5. and MarianneC is so right: he really does need better fitting clothes and something done about the terrifying hair

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