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A new interview with Tom Felton (and Evanna Lynch) has been posted on While we do not have the proper translation yet (e-mail us a translation if you can!), Google Translator did not do a terrible job on this one. There is not even a single mention of space cafes. 🙁

Physiological characters in a world … Magic!

Tom Felton and Evanna Lynch came to Athens and spoke at for their role and the secret of successful film series of “Harry Potter” on the occasion of the premiere of the sixth film continuity.

Tom Felton

What is the secret of the success of both films «Harry Potter» and books?
There are many things. Without doubt, the first is the story described in the book. The story is everything. But I think also part of the success comes from the fact that Harry is a normal boy uprooted from the natural world. Also, things which concern the characters are very human. The conflict of «moral to immoral», the «good and evil» is always very good foundation for human stories.

You say that in this movie you find yourself (Draco) while «cowardly». Why?
He had the opportunity to be Harry the «bad». He likes the idea he is chosen, he wants to take full responsibility and not share with anyone. But yes, in the end come out of remorse and can not seem to bear this burden. And he always wanted to have given him a gun and have asked to shoot someone, something that makes him afraid.

What did you think that in this film are the «bad»?
I like more than to playing good! Sometimes showing a little miserable in the role but has so much fun. Of course, not wish to continue to do for the rest of my career, at some point I would like to play other roles naturally.

Can you give us a brief description of how his character evolved Drac in relation to the start?
The first five years was becoming worse and clearly in this work is the revelation and the end realizes that he does not want to be part of «bad» at all. His heart no longer supports them. That feels forced. That if he will not shoot to kill him, which is not good for any child, it is very unfair. Yes, I think this project now knows who is in relation to the «good» and «bad».

We know the technology your side. You have twitter account, and upload music on youtube and itunes. You do it because you know that your horizons are opened at the international level or you did anyway as a hobby regardless of your profession?
Look, I would do anyway, but I’m sure it would not have the impact it has now, thanks to the Harry Potter films. The issue with Twitter is that it came letters from fans and took me six months to respond, which in the modern world is unrealistic. Now with twitter I can ask questions and tell them who I am and what I do directly. Seems like a very good way of being in touch with your fans. As for the music is a passion I have, I like to write music and play but I do not know yet whether I saw the commercial.

Would you prefer England or America as a country to have a career?
Surely England. I have gone so well over the last nine years with the British would like to go and really focus on «trip» Harry Potter and not so much in what I know.

Are you so arrogant in real life as shown in the character of Draco in the film?
Of course not! Surely the Draco has evidence of arrogance and snobbishness that characterizes many Britons, but in reality I am not so and will probably have to try hard to convince the world about it!

Do you organize your career to what will follow after Harry Potter?
Well, certainly I will continue in acting, but where and what type is a completely different chapter. Of course I want to go to America for a movie, it would be fantastic. Or go to the theater. West End. Would you like to go on stage in West End. There are options. And the music is in them. I will wait and see.

Click here for the interview with Evanna!

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  1. Yes the space cafe would be awesome! I hope we get a translation of this because it might be understandable but Google Translate sucks! Reckon Bing might do a better job?

    The question about Tom being arrogant really had me laughing!

  2. Tom always seems SO polite. considering how many celebs out there tend to see so…. off balance, it’s really nice that he seems so down to earth!

    • What you’re saying is very true, Dear. He’s both prized qualities that have tendencies to get lost, nowadays, and not only into the celebs’ world, unfortunately…Reason to pray he stays forever that way, that way which got me attached to him so strongly at the first place…*blush*

      With Love,


  3. I adore the picture to go along with the interview, he looks adorable. He’s so down-to-Earth, it’s quite refreshing to see in an actor. I can’t wait to see what he does after Harry Potter!

  4. I love your sexy voice on your
    songs. I think you are a great actor and singer. Keep it going, Tom. I love you, Tom!!!

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