28 thoughts on “Photos from the Press: New images of Tom Felton at HP6 Greece premiere

  1. Checked! It’s the first picture which landed the honor to get its place on my mediaplayer, finally! Their smiles are so bright, you can tell they were happy to hang back over together!!

    With Love,


  2. tee hee, that’s awesome. he looks so sheepish in the last picture xD made me laught xD

    xoxox, keep the news coming.

  3. I dont know why but everytime I saw Evanna. I remember about J.k Rowling. I think they are so similarr jeje..
    ANd of course evanna looks like a so nice girl jeje (L) Love evanna

  4. Brilliant pics
    Love the last one! 😀 it made me laugh
    Love Tom 🙂
    Listening to his songs right now 😉 All I Need is you Tom 😀

  5. Tom you did really well in hp i think you should get the part for rilley you will rock!!!! in the pics wow thats all i can say and when i watched hp i wanted to shout thats tom felton xxxxx

      Wow! Thanks! Great pics!!
      How did u get those pics? Are you the event organizer or something? Try contact feltbeats or lilyginny27 at twitter, it could be faster than leaving a comment msg!

    • Thanks, doll! I received 3 emails about the new blog post before I saw this comment. LOL I think people were excited about it. 😉

      Thank you so much! Have any more? We’d love to see them if you care to share.

  6. man Tom complains that no one else in the world has his hair but Evanna is pretty close match if you ask me. they both look awesome together. almost like a brother and sister even. ^_^

  7. Emma had a crush on tom, I wonder if *any other* female cast did too ;p

    They look terrific! All Potters casts and crews were like family, especially when both are blond it’s even more believable, lol

  8. Hello !
    I love Tom Felton , he is a good singer , and actor ! I’m crazy about him. And Draco Malfoy is my favorite character. Bad mans are the best of movies !

    Kisses ! Bye !

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