I’ll have the new Tom Felton photos, only hold the witty repartee.

Thanks to a variety of sources we had some new photos featuring Tom Felton come in today. Unfortunately, this post has caught me at the end of mine so I am all out of witty headlines to entice your eye in. So, enjoy. 😉

Thanks to Mondengel we have new photos courtesy of Mad.tv. Check out our Greece Premiere gallery for more photos from this event.

Speaking of Greece, we have a pic sent in of FeltonFan Diletta Shakespeare as Tom signed her book. According to her Twitter, “these are the moments when I told him the FA loves him so much! :)” Of course we do! You can check out one more photo from her meet and greet by clicking here.

And last, but certainly not least, we have some photos of Tom from back in July when he was spotted out and about in Soho. Click here for a couple more pics of our walking man.

8 thoughts on “I’ll have the new Tom Felton photos, only hold the witty repartee.

  1. aww i’m so jealous of that girl! she’s so close to him:( i really want to meet him someday i hope that he comes to Mexico city

    • Although I’m smaller in height, I’m a swift pacer while walking. *lol* It would be cool seeing which one of us is the fastest one!

      With Love,


      P.S: Since we’re both representatives of Slytherin House, it should turn out nicely! *grin*

  2. Man, Tom is in Atlanta and I planned on going to DC and my plans got shafted! Why does it have to take place over Labor Day weekend? Awesome new pics, lucky fans!

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