Tom Felton interviewed in Japan’s SCREEN Magazine

Thanks to Chinamin from Our Dearest Tom fansite for sending us scans and a translation from the latest issue of Japan’s SCREEN Magazine. In it we have an interview with Tom as well as a new photo from his photo call appearance when he was visiting the country.

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Caption: I’m the opposite to Draco, happy-go-lucky person

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Tom Felton, who plays Harry’s archnemesis Draco Malfoy, visited
Japan on 30th, July. Unlike Draco, he is a cheerful and friendly person, joking like “I’m the worst model ain’t I?” during the photo session. He
states he is the opposite to Draco.

“Daniel, Rupert, and Emma play the roles which resembles themselves. Daniel, hard worker, Rupert, funny, and Emma is smart. But I’m playing a role opposite to myself. He (Draco) is always tense and jealous. I am happy-go-lucky and easy going. And our parents are the most different (laugh). My parents are better than his. Anyway, I like to play Draco. I can break up the stress of being caught in traffic jam through playing his part. I’m a happy person partially because I play Draco(laugh).”

Tom had a clear plan to play the role. “I wanted to play two different sides of Draco this time. One is the most hateful and vicious face, and the other is weak and vulnerable face. I would be glad if the audience hates him at first, then feels some pity on him. Director (David Yates) told me that the Draco’s wand is a kind of loaded gun in this film, and the order of assassinating Dumbledore is kinda assassination of prime minister. His mother sheds tears when Draco was chosen as an assassin, doesn’t she? I thought his character resembles his mother’s. Blond comes from his father though (laugh). The most difficult scene was the bathroom’s one. It was not easy to cry when surrounded by 50 crew members and three of them were hanging mics just above you.
This scene is followed by the battle between Harry and Draco. Daniel is an exellent actor. In acting, he is very much cooperative and supportive. His performance sometimes brings out my performance. We talk about our performance in rehearsals. We oppose each other on the screen, but are good friends in real life.”

Also, HBP became an unforgettable film for Tom as he fell in love with Jade Gordon, who works at the studio as assistant to the stunt coordinator. Let’s ask him about it.

“Wait….(glancing at her waiting behind), well I must be nice. She’s just there…. The beginning was a cup of tea. There is a place for tea breaks in the studio. All cast and crew members
drink tea there. And one day Jade served me a cup of tea. She
makes good tea indeed.”

And how about the next film, “Deathly Hallows”?

“I cannot say much about it. From the already flimed scenes, I can say the studio has an atmosphere different from previous ones. There is the Malfoy Manor. We did several scenes there. In the books, some aspects of Draco are not described in detail, so we can fill them up in the film. I think it would become clearer that Harry and Draco is like two sides of a coin. Draco somewhat wants to help Harry and the feeling is mutual. The last scene might be on the platform 19 years after, like in the book.”

On the next day, 1st of August, Tom appeared on the stage of Marunouchi Picadilly Movie Theater, greeting many fans with
“arigatou (thank you)” in Japanese. We really hope he will come
to Japan again when the next film is released.

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  1. Tom, you’re always nice, therefore I don’t see why you had to state to be so in Jade’s presence during this interview, really. All it took was a cup of tea…I’d like to taste a cup of Jade’s brew one day, if we ever have the chance to meet. Get the water broiling, girl!

    With Love,


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