First pictures and video of Tom Felton at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia

We’ve only had a few low quality pictures shared with us so far, by why not send them out?

First up, Feltbeats Army members @bserlori and @stormlite02 got a chance to meet Tom Felton during the autograph signing event. Tom recognized them from their previous meeting at Hot Topic in New Jersey and was surprised they drove so far to meet him again. 🙂

Although they weren’t allowed to take video or pictures during the event, @stormlite02 accidentally left her video phone on, and recorded it! The picture isn’t great because she wasn’t supposed to have a camera (it was just an accidental recording, of course), but you can hear Tom on the audio!

We’ve also had this picture of a picture sent to us from @MandaSpradlin via (@TomFeltonFans_).

And last but not least, some pictures from @x_lwnr_x taken during Tom’s Q&A session. During this photo, Tom was reacting to the huge attendance at the event. “Oh my God,” he said, “there are so many people!”

More pictures here!

If you’re at the event, remember that has a booth in the lobby of the Sheridan! You can see a special birthday gift that @southernbets made from Tom. It will blow you away (we’ll share it here after Tom sees it)! And, be sure to send us your photos and videos! You can also send us stuff on Twitter at @feltbeats! We’ll post them here.

12 thoughts on “First pictures and video of Tom Felton at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia

  1. Omg cute cute cute Tom and his famous smile! So did the girl in the 1st pic paid $$ for the take? Btw is Tom the only HP representative at the con? No other cast? Is jade there?

  2. Hey everybody! I’m the girl in the picture with Tom 🙂 and yes I did pay $30 for it, and it was worth it!!! Sorry that copy is bad quality, but it’s a picture of a picture. I had so much fun today meeting Tom, he was so nice. It was a dream come true 🙂

  3. haha, Hey everyone. I took the pic of Tom’s totally hysterical face. The Q&A was hilarious and Tom is sooo sweet in person 😀 He’s one of my idols and I was so honored to get to meet him. Best day of my life…lol!

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