23 thoughts on “More pictures of Tom Felton in Atlanta, Georgia during Dragon*Con

  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwe! hes sooooo cute! TOM! I LOVE YOU!
    … so upsetting he doesn’t reply to fans that much 🙁 But I still love him! <3

  2. Hi Tom! Thank you so much for taking your time to speak and sign for so many people. I’m happy I got to meet you. I’m still hoping you might whip out the guitar during one of your showings this weekend and serenade us with a song…

  3. Best day of my life today! I got an autograph, I got to ask him a question, and I got to shake his hand. Mr. Tom is so NICE!!!

    And I got to meet the wonderful Stormlite02, bserlori, and Gidge, celebrities in their own right.

  4. Tom actually asked for a picture of me, my sister, and one of our friends this afternoon! It was amazing everyone we were with was jealous.

  5. Keep the stories coming, girls! I love to read and fantasize lol!! I just had a pretty vivid dream about him last night, perhaps with all the anticipation I have now x

    But I live on the other side of the earth so I can only.. well, read your reports!

    Love you Tom!! And dear fangirls too xD
    (Ps: i know i had said this, but i really think he’s somewhat tan!)

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