HQ & Longer Video of Tom Felton & the Feltbeats Army Cake Surprise

Official Feltbeats Army footage has made it’s way into our inbox today courtesy of SouthernBets, BSerLori, Gidge_08, AerynBlack, Stormlite02, and jjbuck, the FA contingent currently stationed in Atlanta for Dragon*Con. The video is an extended version of the FA bringing Tom his birthday cake from traveling across the street with it to touch-ups to surprising the man himself. We even get to witness Tom cut his cake and eat it, too! I won’t even say how adorable it is he’s taking Timbers home to, well, show Timbers. 😉

Completely oblivious…


“Can I get a picture?”

With creator and Feltbeats Army member SouthernBets

Thanks to all the FA members in Atlanta for making the surprise so memorable!

21 thoughts on “HQ & Longer Video of Tom Felton & the Feltbeats Army Cake Surprise

  1. Haha, loved it! Props to Southern Bets for making the cake! But are most of the feltbeats people really older women? That surprised me a little, but in a nice way. 🙂

    • I assume by “older” you mean, like, older than 18, right? =) LOL.

      Actually, we have people of all ages in the Feltbeats Army! From 11 to 60 plus! =) Plus we even have a few boys!

      That being said, many of the fans who have the time and money to drive and fly out to all these events to do activities for Tom are the ones who are, shall we say, more “established.” =D

  2. Nice! You all did a very lovely thing for the guy. He even ate it, which scares me a bit because who knows what nuts are out there who would try to give him something nasty or dangerous?

    He was very nice about the surprise and talking to you.

    Thanks for the video and all your hard work.

  3. he did tell me “not to take offense” but he “wasn’t expecting the cake to taste very good, but it was great”

    I don’t think he would have eaten it had it not come from one of us.

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