Video of Tom Felton receiving his surprise from the Feltbeats Army at Dragon*Con

For those of you that knew it was coming (we’ve been teasing) members of the Feltbeats Army were planning on surprising Tom at Dragon*Con with a birthday cake in honor of his upcoming birthday on the 22nd. As soon as we have clearer footage (and those press photos!) we’ll let you know.

Congratulations, girls, on a job well done!

Tom being surprised…

Posing with cake maker and Feltbeats Army member Southernbets for some photos…

As Tom cuts the cake, the girls sing “Happy Birthday”…

Closeup of cake

Closeup of cake

Closeup of Timber

Closeup of Timber

Does this pose look familiar? ;)

Does this pose look familiar? 😉

Video Source: Stormlite02

30 thoughts on “Video of Tom Felton receiving his surprise from the Feltbeats Army at Dragon*Con

  1. I’m on cellphone x can’t watch the vid but I can imagine <3

    Ah btw I saw this at stormlite twitgoo sometime ago x

    Very detail, girls! Do you have ur own cake business or something??

  2. The cake is simply wonderful. I think I wouldn’t have the heart to eat it. Well done, Feltbeats Army. I’m sure Tom didn’t expect such an awesome surprise.

  3. Is the most beautiful cake I’ve ever seen … my congratulations to the cooks … However, in my country there is an antique tradition that says it’s very very unlucky celebrate birthdays before the exact date… I’m a little worried for that… :-S

    Great job!!! He looks really happy in the video!!!

  4. wow this is amazing, you guys are the best! That cake looks so great, it is perfect! you even put Timber in it, what a wonderful job ♥___♥

  5. That’s, so, SO sweet of you guys to do that! Way to go for decorating that cake with so many details. I hope he wasn’t too embarassed about it all. 😀

  6. Thank you for all of the sweet remarks about the cake. It took me about 12-14 hours total to get it all done. I don’t own a cake business, but my mother owed one for 20 years before she retired. The JG does stand for Jade. And yes, his reaction was priceless!

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