Guess who? More photos of Tom Felton at Dragon*Con 2009

We posted this earlier on Twitter, but here is a great shot of Tom trying to hide from the paparazzi during a break at Dragon*Con. Or maybe he’s vogueing. Hmmm, what do you think? Sent in by @seantaclaus himself.

Also, you may recall during the second Q&A session that Tom was confronted by a child dressed up as first-year Draco. “Wassup, Draco,” Tom said in greeting.

Well, here is a great photo from phrequency on Flickr showing Tom face to face with his younger self.

Lastly, here is a new picture of Tom Felton with his bodyguard for the weekend, Sean (@seantaclaus)! Thanks to @southernbets for sending it in!

15 thoughts on “Guess who? More photos of Tom Felton at Dragon*Con 2009

  1. Hey there. I thought I’d pop in and say ‘hello’! I’m that Draco there. I find it kinda funny you said ‘child.’ I’m actually an 18-year-old young woman xD

    Did you guys really think I was a little boy or something? That would be amazing xD

    • Heather… you are are the Draco that “pulled your wand on Tom” in the session on Saturday? If so, then yes, we thought you were a little boy! hahaha I think Tom thought so too, actually.

      • Yes, I was. And with how much he said ‘man,’ I feel like he probably thought that as well. LOL The fact that I was that convincing just makes me feel very proud!

          • LOL, no need to apologize. The fact people think so just means I was even more convincing than I thought. That makes me happy xD

        • That’s awesome! I loved it when he said “What’s he doing, pulling out his wand? Oh Shit! I’m unarmed!” That was hilarious!

          Very convincing little Draco! Good Job!

          • LOL, that was my favorite part too. That and when he pointed me out when he mentioned auditions for Scorpius. It felt positively wonderful.

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