TWIST Magazine Is In A Little Twist About Tom Felton

Germany’s TWIST Magazine did a little outfit comparison of Tom’s recently, comparing two photos from his sojourn in the U.S. for the premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Since I know these outfits have been discussed ad nauseam already, why not make it official? Leave us a comment and let us know if you agree with TWIST. I know you want to. Do I need to dangle a silvery silk undone bow tie as bait? 😉

Super Hot Street-style Tip for Guys: Long sleeve Shirt, Blue jeans and Chucks are hot at every time!

Coming to a Harry Potter Premiere is a good choice.. even in gray. BUT don’t come in shimmering clothes.. that’s a no go.

Thanks to TomFeltonFans_ for sending it in!

25 thoughts on “TWIST Magazine Is In A Little Twist About Tom Felton

  1. i love the 1st outfit. it’s good to be on the edge of fashion at times. the 2nd one is nice too, but it’s very plain – like an everyday outfit.

  2. Shimmery is not bad. Maybe he should have left the undone bow tie off since that seems to be getting everyone off. Otherwise, the first outfit looks fine to me. If Tom’s wearing it, it’s hardly a flop.

    • Actually, the unbow tie was Jade’s choice, as told on Twitter. Yes, he’d have better come without it, I agree, for I first wondered what he was carrying arounde his neck, having first mistook the undone tie with a kind of bag strap. Otherwise, he was dashing in grey! And as I say, I love him better in casual clothes. He’s got the flair for it.

      With Love,


  3. I think he looks sexy in both outfits. 😉 Personally, if I had to choose, I’d have to say I like the gray outfit better. Either way, I love Tom’s sense of style! Keep it up, Tom!

    ~Kisses from Kate

  4. i love both of them favorite is the converse part though funny, the american twist had a poster of tom as darco and is now on my school binder 🙂

  5. I adore the undone bow tie. It makes me smile, he looks adorably rumpled. But I love the casual too. Really, so far as I’ve seen, no complaints about the way he dresses. <3

  6. I feel so stupid but 1st time I saw the grey outfit I didn’t realize there was the undone tie, I thought it was intentionally a silky pattern/ patchwork on the shirt and purposely made it LOOK like an undone tie. I thought it was the fashion. Lol!

  7. i like both outfits, but the top better, just because, ive been wondering what was up with the bow tie just hanging there. i mean both look amazing on him, but i like the more laid back look better. 😀

  8. yeh seriously if you dont glitz up for premieres (sp) when are u gonna do it?! I really loved the gray and yeh they matched! They looked so sweet on the red carpet 🙂 but personally tom in navy is my fav.. just go so well with his blond hair x

  9. I also think the grey outfit looks better…but I also like the other one. But his shirt reminds me of Zac Efron, who I don’t like at all…so I can’t understand the Twist. 😉
    But actually it says the grey outfit isn’t good cause there are too much shimmering clothes.
    btw: Twist belongs to German Bravo.

  10. man i liked the outfit he wore to the premiere. especially the bow tie. don’t listen to ’em Tom! you looked great at the premiere. ^_^

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