Tom Felton: “Birthday Child of the Week” plus more!

Thanks to Tom Felton fans around the world, we have a little round up of magazine scans and fun stuff for your viewing pleasure.

First, thanks to @Trixi86, where have a scan of Tom Felton in a German magazine where he has been chosen as “Birthday Child of the Week.”

Tom is also included on the magazine’s sticker page, in an image along with Harry and Hermione (the Silver Trio?).

Next, thanks to @astradancer for these scans from an Irish magazine called, “KISS.” These are just quotes from a previous interview – but it is always fun to see Tom in another magazine!

And lastly, we have some great picspam on LiveJournal dedicated to Tom. Thanks to Jessie on LJ for making it, and @MJLS on Twitter for telling us about it!

10 thoughts on “Tom Felton: “Birthday Child of the Week” plus more!

  1. okay; this might sound crazy but there’s a phone advert on TV and I swear that it’s got a guy who looks exactly like Tom Felton in it, only with brown hair, am I going insane? It’s on E4 and it’s about a guy who doesn’t get how the seethrough buttons work, tell me if you see it! 🙂

  2. Talk of the town huh? Happy birthday Tom. It would be redundant to say how awesome you are: that includes voice.. body.. and a whole lot of endless lists.

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