The Twittering Tom Song: A Present for Tom Felton from the Feltbeats Addicts Band

Since the birthday boy is a bit excited for his 22nd birthday tomorrow, we thought we would indulge his excitement by giving him one of his presents early.

This song is for you, Tom Felton.

The idea for this particular present was started in early May, 2009, when a group of Feltbeats Army members were twittering away to each other, and Tom, on Twitter. Silliness therein ensued, and over four months, five continents, and many secret messages in the Feltbeats Army Official Business board of our Forum later, what started out as a small group became larger as a songbook was created, composers and musicians found, and singers and translators from all over the world volunteered to contribute to the final product.

Written for and inspired by Tom Felton, Twitter, and Tom’s love of music, the Twittering Tom Song was recorded individually by each contributor using everything from laptop microphones to actual recording set-ups before being sent for final mixing into what you see above. Only through the power of the internet was this song able to come to life. Why? Because we love ya, Tom. 😉

The Feltbeats Addicts Band
Stormlite02, Shanajaca, Tomsgal, Amaren88, Lumalfoy, XxFriendxX, BeckaMoor, Snatalia, Loony4ever, Irooloo, Immortalisxamor, DaisyHarrisx, Fabianakawazoe, THMallmann, AvantLAube, PitarriCuteLadyTurtle, FatalCrush, Rotae, krobertson24, DileShakespeare, Gzlsgrl52, Gidge_8, AerynBlack, Rosherrrs, Hellolivvy, Javastix, Céleste, Charlotte, and Aurélie.

Amaren88 – German
Shanajaca – Dutch
Lumalfoy, Fabianakawazoe and THMallmann – Portuguese
AvantLAube and Loony4ever-French
irooloo – Greek
XxFriendxX – English
PirateCuteLadyTurtle – Spanish
FatalCrush – Mandarin

Irooloo-guitarist, violinist, composer (verses, chorus)
Snatalia-violinist, composer (accompaniment)
Krobertson24-guitarist, bassist, composer (bridge)

Stormlite02, Rosherrs, and HelloLivvy

Audio Mix


20 thoughts on “The Twittering Tom Song: A Present for Tom Felton from the Feltbeats Addicts Band

  1. You did such a great work with it, Tom’s so lucky to have fans like you! LOL I’ve already written this a few times, but it’s just true. The song’s awesome. I wish I had been a Feltbeats Army recruit earlier and could have joined this song…

  2. such a pretty song!!
    you did a wonderfull job feltbeat’s army (ur right leolovesmusic! i wish to be a FA recruit =D)

    i hope you post the lyrics

  3. I would like to thank every FAB individual who was involved in this song, it wouldnt have happened without you. Thank you Lilyginny27 for making this video!

  4. I second Stormlite02 !!! It was a great experience and i had some major fun doing it !!! Never expected that one tweet from little old me could start this so thx you guys and Stormlite02 for all the hard work hugzzzzzzzzz to you all and thx for al the sweet comments Shanajaca/Erika

  5. Wow you guys are great- I absolutely loved it! Is there anyway to get the lyrics posted- some parts are hard to understand. Again, amazing- what talented fans- Tom should be proud! <3

  6. omg i loved it! It sure put a smile on my face! Happy Birthday Tom in like 2 minutes!! (it’s almost midnight here and i stayed up to see if he’d twitter some more) this is so sweet!! good way to end a good day. u guys rock for being awesome fans for an awesome guy!!

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