Tom Felton celebrates 22nd birthday at Privé, Las Vegas (Photos!)

Thanks to our friends at TomFeltonFans_, we now have great photos of Tom during his birthday party at the Privé nightclub in Las Vegas.

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On Friday night at Privé, Harry Potter hottie Thomas Felton celebrated his birthday with a large group of friends, dancing on his banquet to songs by Michael Jackson, Journey and Beyonce. Reveling with a chocolate and maraschino cherry decorated cake, the actor known as Draco Malfoy had a blast, texting with girlfriend and Harry Potter stunt coordinator Jade Olivia, who wasn’t able to attend.

More pictures here.

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30 thoughts on “Tom Felton celebrates 22nd birthday at Privé, Las Vegas (Photos!)

  1. I’m so glad Tom had a good time. That looks like chocolate shavings on his birthday cake and considering how he loves chocolate chip pancakes, I’m sure he loved the cake!

  2. He always has his shirt tucked into his trousers when he’s trying to look nice. I think it’s sexy. He is definitely a Class-A guy. Hope he had a great birthday.

  3. that calvin harris song (ready for the weekend) reminds me of the vegas party :D, he looks like he’s having a good time :D(well at least it’s like the hangover even though funny, ot was sure damn dangerous, stay away from the rufies)

  4. awhh tom! you look like you had a great party! i’m from the uk but you looked like you had a great time here in the states!! oh and trust me i i put your birthday on my tellyy and its on my calendar for next year! love you lots =)

  5. awww am sooo glad he had a feltastic day lol
    all i wanna c is him happy n smiling n thts gud enough 4 me!!!
    ur n amazin actor n musician n wen eva i listn 2 ur music i cry!!!
    i even partied wid ya 4 ur bday n i had a little party lol!!! my heart is wid u every day n i jus hope ur happy!!!
    lots of love n kisses Ash xxx

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