Tom Felton thanks (again!) for his birthday videos

If you follow Tom on Twitter, you’ll notice that he replied to Feltbeats Army member @SouthernBets and said that he saw, and loved, the video put together by the Feltbeats Army girls.

@SouthernBets did u not get my reply! i said it was fantastic! it made me smile so much…i loved it! can’t believe i didn’t tell u earlier

If anyone missed it, here is the video again:

Earlier, Tom also thanked everyone from Mexico for the “Twittering Tom Song” by the Feltbeats Addicts Band:

thanks to @feltbeats addicts band for a very special bday song! love to all! not my bday in mexico just yet! but in the uk im 22! xx

And here it is again!

Thanks Tom, and thanks to all the people who worked on the videos! 🙂

18 thoughts on “Tom Felton thanks (again!) for his birthday videos

  1. thanks so much for making my birthday special and for these very creative videos! i have such great fans! loved both ideas….. and appreciate all the time you spent
    thanks again and again
    tom x

    • We’re glad you enjoyed them. It was our pleasure. 🙂 Glad I could take everything and make them for you. Now, you should favorite them so you get to keep your pressies! lol I was this close to deleting them & just sending them through the mail.

    • i’m so glad you liked it! 🙂 agree with lily you should favorite them 🙂 everybody worked hard to make it perfect for you(and i mean people from ALL over the world)…and now everyone is so happy you liked them… 🙂

    • It was nice to see what everyone came up with. It was also a good excuse to go have some fun (Road trip woots!). Still can’t get over the fact that I had to visit 13 shops until I finally found a PRican flag. But I had a blast that day!

      Thanks again to lily for all her work and patience <3

    • I’m so glad to read than you enjoyed the videos, Tom. All my apologies for answering so late, but I got roubles with my server’s terminal, and therefore was vitutaly unable to connect myself as much as I used to. Missed you, missed the girls as well.

      With Love,


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