“Half-Blood Prince” Newly Released Deleted Scene Features Tom Felton

A beautifully poignant deleted scene sequence from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has been released by Warner Brothers today online. In it we see the touching moments leading up to the pivotal Astronomy Tower sequence with Professors Flitwick, McGonagall, and Snape interlayed with scenes of Hogwarts, the students, a gorgeously sung song, and Tom as his character Draco makes that all important decision to complete his quest.

As more scenes and sequences are released online in preparation for the films DVD release in the coming month, we will let you know.

21 thoughts on ““Half-Blood Prince” Newly Released Deleted Scene Features Tom Felton

  1. WOW that makes it more intense,more dark.That look on Professor Snape’s face he knows what he has to do,Professor McGonagall know something Dark is on it’s way,and Draco you know what’s going on in his head. Good scene wish they left it in the movie great work from all three actors

  2. woo! that was intense. can i get some opinions here? in the movie, when draco gets out of the bed, are we supposed to believe that is the Slytherin dorm beds he’s getting out of? it looks so… plain. the gryff dorms & beds are really elaborate. when i first saw the film i kept thinking he was in the hospital wing or something.

  3. That was a very sweet sequence…very fairytale-like.

    It’s hard to believe what’s going to take place next, even if you know deep dow that it had. You see what I mean?

    It’s like a farewell to the Hogwarts we used to know, before the war and the hunt for the DH are started for good…

    With Love,


  4. @Jessica,
    That is the hospital wing.He gets admitted after the Sectumsempra inciden,and in the movie,I’m guessing he stays there until the night Dumbledore dies.

  5. What I wish they would do is reissue the dvds with the deleted scenes edited into the movie– they did that on TV awhile back with Sorcerer’s Stone and it was so cool. Maybe even a director’s cut would be nice to see.
    it will probably happen, they will need a gimmick when the series ends to keep selling dvds.

  6. They TOTALLY should’ve allowed that scene in the movie! It would have made up for some of the content that was removed because of time constraints (like Snape getting the DADA position).

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