Tom Felton Discusses HP6 and Daniel Radcliffe on GMTV

Tom made an appearance on GMTV this morning to promote the upcoming DVD release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. He discusses the neat behind-the-scenes additions to the DVD, growing up in the world of Harry Potter, filming of the Deathly Hallows, his talk with the WB concerning whether his hair will fall out, and how he talked to his friend Daniel Radcliffe this weekend to make sure he was okay.

Screencaps can be seen thanks to Feltbeats Junior Admin Estrella89san in our galleries.

UPDATE: Now Embedded!

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13 thoughts on “Tom Felton Discusses HP6 and Daniel Radcliffe on GMTV

  1. To have taken the time to talk with Daniel this week end shows much he counts for him, and how much matters their friendship to his eyes. It’s always deeply appreciated having somebody like that, truly caring for you. I know the feeling. It shows the place one’s having into someone else’s heart…

    With Love,


  2. oh, this is so priceless! he’s such a sweetie. i hope someone was able to record this!

    the only bbc chanel i have here is bbcworld 🙁 veryvery saddening!

  3. That interview was good. I’m glad Dan will be ok. I’ve never met Tom but I can tell he’s a sweet guy. Yes his true hair color is brown. It won’t fall out but he should be careful in swiming pools or his hair will turn green if not colored correctly. My hair was that blonde once and I got in a pool and it changed to an awful green. I’ll never have it that blonde again.

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