Tom Felton talks FILMCLUB and Dealthly Hallows in Mizz Magazine

Thanks to @queensarcasm and others, we now have scans of Tom’s interview in the latest issue of Mizz Magazine (Twitter | Web site).

In the interview, Tom discusses Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, his future after the franchise, and how he supports FILMCLUB (Twitter | Web site).

Mizz Magazine

Mizz Magazine

You’re filming the two final Harry Potter movies at the mo – can your reveal any secrets whatsoever from the set?

“Well, I can’t give too much away, only that we’re shotting some very exciting stuff. I’ve been banned from telling anyone what scenes we’re shooting but I can confess that last week was the first time that I got to work with the Dark Lord, Voldemort, and we had a lot of fun on set working with him and his presence. So there’s lots to look forward to! This is really going to be the final, epic chapter in the story, so anyone who even partially liked the last film is going to definitely love these ones.”

Ever worry about your movies getting bad reviews?

“I personally don’t go searching, not that I don’t appreciate the comments or opinions of other people – I like to hear what the fans have got to say. I confess that I have a very good girlfriend who manages to email me all the best ones but I get quite a biased opinion of the films! I remember speaking to one of the Harry Potter directors, and we both said, there’s going to be so many pros so many…. [leaves cons unsaid!] Because there’ll be thousands of reviews, people are gonna love a film, or they’re gonna hate it. You just have to take what you can from it, really.”

What’s next for you once the Harry Potter movies are finally over?

“I’m not sure, really! Doors are opening and it’s an exciting time. There are a lot of emotions around the finale of Harry Potter… I’m slightly nervous, ’cause you don’t know what’s going to happen next. I’ve got quite comfortable in the role at Hogwarts, so I don’t know, really! I’m certainly madly passionate about films so I’m looking forward to getting some more challenging roles and hopefully portraying someone who doesn’t have bleach-blonde hair! Maybe I can go for something more natural, because eight years of this is testing!”

You’ve recently been supporting FILMCLUB – a free after-school club where teens can watch films together. Tell us more…

“I think it’s a fantastic initiative. Getting young people into films is a great idea, but FILMCLUB’s idea of getting them into films as a group is even better. It’s a great way for them to interact with other people their age and see what’s out there.”


FLIMCLUB gives pupils and teachers the chance to explore the world of movies through brilliant after-school film clubs. With free weekly screenings and the chance to review online, you can spend time with your mates and watch ace movies. Your teach will need to sign up, so go to to find out how they can do it!

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10 thoughts on “Tom Felton talks FILMCLUB and Dealthly Hallows in Mizz Magazine

  1. I would love to see Tom in completely different roles, it will be a good change. In fact i can’t wait to see all the young cast of HP in other roles!


  2. I do remember reading Thomas’s response about the reviews into a similar interview featured here, right after FILMCLUB’s latest event, and what did I said at the time. I still mean it. You got a point there, Thomas, you got a point!

    Looking forward seeing you retrieving your natural hair color, Thomas, and may you find the challenging roles you’re wishing for, Dear!

    With Love,


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