New video of Tom Felton’s interview on BBC Radio 1

Thanks to Feltbeats Admin Estrella89San (who is also an admin over at our friends, we now have a video of Tom Felton’s interview over at BBC Radio 1 on Switch with Annie and Nick. You can actually SEE him answer Feltbeats Army Member Feel_the_Beat_x‘s question! =)

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3 thoughts on “New video of Tom Felton’s interview on BBC Radio 1

  1. I enjoyed pretty much taking Drama classes while I was in High School, Thomas. It helped me a bunch with my anguished nature then, to release my inner tension and to be more confident to speak in public.

    Also, I’d love very much seeing what you’d be like behind the camera, filming your own stories. I’m sure you could be an excellent storyteller, as well. You’re a natural writer.

    With Love,


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