Snitchseeker interviews Tom Felton and co-stars at HMV event

In an exclusive interview, our friends at Snitchseeker got the chance to talk Harry Potter with Tom Felton, Matt Lewis, Evanna Lynch and Jessie Cave. Emma from Snitchseeker “found out some interesting info about Deathly Hallows, including Evanna’s artistic contribution to the film and how the actors see their characters mindsets heading out of film six and into seven.”

Listen below:

An excerpt:

SnitchSeeker: So you guys did loads of extra stuff for the DVDs this year, how was it and how did that come around?

Tom: Pretty cool.

Matt: Yeah, we did a lot.

Tom: You there (to Matt), you led the way, really. It was all your idea (jokes).

Matt: No, not at all, Well, yeah, basically I came up with this great idea of sending everyone to different departments (jokes). No, that’s not true, it was all the publicity guys that set it up.

Tom: It was a cool idea, wasn’t it?

Matt: It was. They sent us to Special Effects.

Tom: Yeah, Special Effects. What did you ladies do? (to Jessie and Evanna)

Jessie: I did the Animal Department.

Evanna: I did costumes.

Tom: Yeah, you did Wardrobe, I remember, yeah. It gave insight into the studios and all the people that put their efforts in.

Matt: You got that cool question thing. (to Tom)

Tom: Yeah, it’s more of an insight into the characters than the actors that play the characters. It’s pretty much as close as you’re gonna get to a day on the set, including hanging out with cast, and also the crew members – some who have been lesser praised over the seven years.

Read the full interview here!

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