Tom Felton answers fan questions about tattoos, Jade, and more with the LA Times was thrilled yesterday to get confirmation from Ministry of Gossip columnist, Matt Donnelly, that he would be interviewing Tom Felton the next day. Matt was extremely kind in allowing Tom Felton fans from around the world tweet to him with suggested questions, and then made their dreams come true by asking them to Tom himself!

Matt also asks Tom about his cameo in Jonah Hill’s film, “Get Him To The Greek.” Click here to read it all!

Here is an excerpt of the brilliant interview:

Tom Felton

MD: Are you following the “Twilight” phenomenon? That’s another young group of actors suddenly exposed to worldwide media attention. Any advice for them?

TF: I confess, I’m not the biggest [fan] of “Twilight,” but I came along due to my girlfriend. She’s fanatical about the books; I didn’t hear from her for two weeks when she was reading them. But Rob and everyone else are fantastic. They don’t need any advice from us.

MD: Speaking of your girlfriend, Jade, I know you’re both quite young, but it’s Hollywood. Any plans to make a bigger commitment?

TF: [Laughs] That’s a serious question! I would confess, we’re well and truly head over heels, but no. I’m in New York now and looking around for unique Christmas gifts for her.

MD: You have some very funny and devout fans. One of them asked about tattoos and piercings — do you have or want any?

TF: Never had a piercing, never had a tattoo. I don’t think they look good on anyone other than Megan Fox. … I once wanted to get my eyebrow pierced; my brother got it done and in a drunken night ripped it out. He’s got a hole there now.

There’s much more! Click here to read the full interview! And please, take a moment to leave a comment for Matt thanking him for allowing us to ask questions!

6 thoughts on “Tom Felton answers fan questions about tattoos, Jade, and more with the LA Times

  1. haha i like the eyebrow story lolz! Can you picture Tom with a pierced eyebrow…hmm…can’t tell until i see it heehee. Tom did great in this interview! 😀

    Luv ya TONS, Tom!
    Your biggest fan, Mkay<3 xxx

  2. I especially enjoyed his very down-to-earth reply regarding to make a bigger committment. Thomas truly has his head on the shoulders, he’s perfectly aware of what he’s feeling, what’s going on, and what he wants at this time. I can only give my approval. Very wise, Thomas, very wise. Hope you found the unique gifts you were looking for.

    With Love,


  3. Reading this interview, I was like aww, that’s so sweet at the bit about Jade. I’m a big fan of twilight, but either way. 🙂

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